StrongPU / StrongCeramic

It’s no secret: thanks to their unique wear resistant characteristics, the application of polyurethane (PU) and ceramic has become increasingly popular in the dredging industry over the past few years. DredgingCase offers you a wide variety of PU and ceramic solutions. To achieve optimal abrasion resistance and the best possible overall results, we use different types of polyurethane and ceramic for different occasions.

StrongPU Casts, StrongPU Linings and StrongCeramic Linings
Our range includes hot sprayed, hot casted, spin casted polyurethane and ceramic coatings for:

  • Dredger pipes and hoses
  • Heat float (Bow Coupling)
  • StrongJetNozzles
  • StrongHopperNozzles
  • Gate valve gaskets (rings)
  • Pipe bends and Y-pieces
  • Fall pipes
  • Sand and gravel baskets
  • Silos
  • Products on customer demand